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   The Best Snorkeling Sites Of Hawaii
The Best Snorkeling Sites of Hawaii The Best Snorkeling Sites of Hawaii SNORKLING SNORKLING VACATION

The Best Snorkeling Sites of Hawaii

The best Hawaiian snorkeling sites can be found on the island chain of Hawaii.

Surrounded by miles of crystal blue green and emerald waters with matchless diversity of aquatic life, the Hawaiian Islands just beg to be explored. If you have seen the pictures you will be amazed. If you have been there you will still be amazed. How much amazement you will get if you haven’t been there or even saw those stunning pictures bought by friends who’ve been there?

The best Hawaiian snorkeling sites can be found on the island chain of Hawaii. Comprised of the six islands, the main island, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu and Kauai, has unquestionably some of the most diverse and spectacular underwater experiences for the visitor to the Islands, making it the best Hawaiian snorkeling experience this maritime oasis's oceanic wonders can offer.

Some of the most endangered species are found on the seas and beaches of Hawaii, that’s why the government placed effective measures to protect these species and their habitat. And the result? The best marine ecosystem you can see, unparalleled anywhere. The Hawaiian sea turtle, some of the rare coral species, dolphins, angel fishes and a myriad of exquisitely colored tropical fishes makes these waters the best Hawaiian snorkeling destinations ever.

Oahu and the Hanauma Bay
Many reefs off Oahu are teeming with fish and have elaborate coral formations. Examples of such reefs would be on the North Shore at Haleiwa. In addition to beautiful reefs, one can almost always find schools of dolphins off the leeward coast at Waianae.

What makes Oahu spectacular is the Hanauma Bay where 450 diverse marine species made their home. For this reason, Hanauma Bay is a protected marine sanctuary. As long as you respect this fragile but breathtaking ecosystem, Oahu and the Hanauma Bay could be your best Hawaiian snorkeling experience yet.

The Garden Island of Kauai
The oldest of Hawaii’s major islands, this north-westernmost island is also called the “Garden Island” for its lush and vibrant vegetation. The Garden Island is also the home to more sandy beaches than any major island in the chain.

The best Hawaiian snorkeling could also be found on Kauai and its many protected lagoons and coral reefs are home to hundreds of species of fish, one third of which are found nowhere else in the world. Since Kauai is millions of years older than the other inhabited islands in the Hawaiian island chain, Kauai has by far the most protective reef lagoons and therefore some of Hawaii's best snorkel spots.

The vast labyrinths of pathways that intersect its wide fringing reef are the most probable reasons for you to visit Kauai. Sea caves and half submerged waterfalls are natural water wonders even casual snorkelers will be amazed. This shallow reef is interspersed with narrow, sometimes cavernous canyons. The variation in undersea terrain makes for exciting explorations and an ideal home for a wide array of reef life.

The best Hawaiian snorkeling in Maui
Maui is the activity spot of Hawaii. Majority of charters and snorkeling packages can be found here. Natural formation, ancient shipwrecks, and the Olowalu Turtle Reef teeming with abundant marine life makes Maui an old time favorite for best Hawaiian snorkeling activities.

The Molokoni Crater Natural Reserve is a popular site for snorkeling expeditions around Maui. This is a shallow geological formation, circular in shape, as its name implies.


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