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   Snorkeling In San Diego
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Snorkeling in San Diego

A highly- urbanized place yet still has the luxury of having natural water destinations is a hard place to find. One of which is the second largest city in the state of California and ranks as eighth in the whole of United States. San Diego is blessed with many miles of beaches and mild marine climate.

It enjoys a sunny weather all throughout the year with an average monthly temperature that ranges from about 14 degrees Celsius in January and 22 degrees Celsius in July. Snorkeling in San Diego can be done even when there is winter because snow and ice does not occur. Locals described it as “May grey and June gloom” where there are times that they have trouble shaking off the fog that comes.

From sandy turf to jagged rock and cliff formations, tourists will get to see ecological preserves and tranquil coves as you enjoy snorkeling in San Diego and experience that Southern California beach culture. Here is an overview of their top beaches.

* Coronado Beach
Located on the Ocean Boulevard, this white stretch of coastline achieved popularity in 1959 due to the film starred by the late Marilyn Monroe. When the sun sets, you will get to discover that this is one of the most romantic places on earth as you walk together on the sand and broaden your horizon towards the Pacific Ocean. As you go snorkeling in San Diego, you will realize that the Travel Channel was right all the while by voting it as the “Best Weekend Getaway Beach”.

* La Jolla Shores
The summer waves make this site very popular for scuba diving ang snorkeling in San Diego. It is very much ideal for those who would want to learn how to surf especially for students who are on a vacation from school. It also has an underwater canyon designated as a marine sanctuary making it the wealthiest beach among the sea life creature. When the night is still young with the attractive silhouette of the moon, making bonfires is also one of the favorite activities to do.

* Carlsbad Beach
With seven miles of beautiful shoreline, this place is just fantastic for surfing, swimming and sunbathing. It is loaded with amenities like showers, restrooms, picnic areas and nearby parking for families to take pleasure. Its seawall provides great snorkeling in San Diego with three picturesque lagoons and sensitive ecosystems where it is simply wonderful for bird watching and nature tripping.

* La Jolla Cove
It may be small but this has been one of the most photographed beaches. The position between sandstone cliffs and proximity to upscale dining make it very admirable to visitors and residents alike. You can even simply loiter in the verandas and patios to take a look at the scenery. Your snorkeling in San Diego would not be complete if you won’t try this place. The water is clear which has a 30 feet visibility and get to see schools of see creatures.


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