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   Snorkeling In Grand Bahama
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Snorkeling in Grand Bahama

A glimpse of its pristine waters will make you melt. A brush of the cool waves on your skin will let you crave. A touch of its fine sands on your feet will push you to respite.

All these and more define what the island of Grand Bahama is. Located 90 kilometers off the coast of Florida, it is the closest major island in the United States. It derived its name from the Spanish word “gran bajamar” which means “great shallows” for the many flats and shoals in its sea.

Snorkeling in Grand Bahama will take you to the world where there are undiscovered ecological treasures, underwater cave systems, enchanting marine life and emerald green beaches. Here are some of the best locations which are a necessity for you to have a holiday.

* Home of the Paradise Cove, Deadman’s Reef is where one can have great snorkeling in Grand Bahama. It has also been the dwelling of the Brown family who lived there for a hundred years. In a recent archaeological finding along the eroding shoreline are many articrafts that belong to the Lucayan Indians. There were hearths, animal bones, pottery pieces and shell beads.
* Located on the eastern end is Deep Water Cay. It could never be argued that it does not meet all the qualifications of an attractive tropical getaway. It has white sandy beaches, blue crystal water and back- tickling winds that make it superb for snorkeling in Grand Bahama. It is widely recognized to be more the challenging fishing ground on the planet where it hosts the ghostlike fish, albula vulpes and other unusual species.
* One of the most ideal spots for snorkeling in Grand Bahama, Lightbourne Cay is an uninhabited site located at the eastern coast of Sweeting’s Cay. Since it is only accessible by boat, as you travel, you can choose to stop for a while and experience how is it to go snorkeling in Grand Bahama. It is also ideal for picnics especially that at low tide, the shoreline transforms into a fantastic sandy breadth that extends for yards.
* The farthest settlement that can be reached by traveling on land, McLean’s Town is actually situated on a separate cay. Going there, the north road boasts a couple of bars while the south road borders the Carrion Crow Harbour- named after the carrion- eating “turkey” buzzard or simply, the vulture. It has no reliable supply of potable water where they have to pump it from the mainland. This is also one of the factors why it is such a happening to have snorkeling in Grand Bahama because of their waters conducive for any aquatic life.
* Set on a rocky coast east of Hawksbill Creek, Pinder’s Point is about seven miles to the east of International Bazaar. As you journey, it seems like you are on the road for ten years because of the quiet village that you will pass by. Its tranquility makes it perfect for snorkeling in Grand Bahama that give the sea creatures its own peace.


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