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Snorkeling in Fiji Snorkeling in Fiji and Have the Grandest Moments SNORKLING SNORKLING VACATION

Snorkeling in Fiji and Have the Grandest Moments

Occupying an archipelago of 322 islands with some 522 islets, this Southern Pacific nation boasts of its world- class tourist destinations. It has shallow waters packed with exotic sea creatures and natural coral reefs where even the first- timers who go snorkeling in Fiji will absolutely have the grandest moment.

With the many beautiful spots where you can have snorkeling in Fiji, it would often be confusing on which to choose. However, you can always opt to go around especially if you have the luxury of time. If not, then you can simply head to the beach front of your hotel, jump in the water with your snorkel equipment and you will be taken aback by what your two eyes can behold.

There is never such thing as a bad day to go snorkeling in Fiji because the sea is always clear coupled with such a warm weather. For those who are really serious about the activity, it would be advisable that you ride a boat. The country has many charter companies and many of which can accompany you to the most distinguished sites. Take for example the Somosomo Strait, it features miles of attractive soft corals and thousands of colorful fishes.

Here are four top locations for a superb experience when going snorkeling in Fiji:
* Taveuni
Sometimes called as the “Garden Isle” with its spectacular landscapes, Taveuni is known as one of the finest diving areas in the entire South Pacific. This is not for the neophytes because you might be frightened by its depth. This is a reward for the experienced where it has a 20-mile- long rainbow reef including tropical fishes beyond count with sharks, manta rays and snakes. It also has plenty of topside attractions like the traditional villages adorned with ferns and orchids laced with hundred of waterfalls including a number of curious collection of native birds.

* Vanua Levu
Because this has largely been undeveloped, Vanua Levu has maintained its basic charm. Over a hundred miles long, it is good foundation for adventurous souls who want the best of both worlds, be it in land or water. It is perfect for rainforest hikes, bird watching and snorkeling in Fiji. With a rugged island interior and green fields of sugar cane, is much like that of a scene in the aloha kingdom of Hawaii. In the Savusavu Bay, it has pristine blue waters for fine windsurfing. It may not have much visitors but lately, there have been new small but luxurious resorts that sprung up in the recent years.

* Viti Levu
The largest among the other islands, Viti Levu has somewhat been overlooked by many who are eager to hop on to the yacht and proceed to the nearby spots. It may not be so much of a beach getaway but the finest hiking, surfing, rafting and snorkeling in Fiji can still be very much experienced. It is even possible to have a taste of the metropolis life in its capital, Suva. You can have a choice to visit the museum or stroll in the market.


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