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The Best Snorkeling Sites of Hawaii
The best Hawaiian snorkeling sites can be found on the island chain of Hawaii. Surrounded by miles of crystal blue green and emerald waters with matchless diversity of aquatic life, the Hawaiian Islands...
Snorkeling in Santa Catalina
So you are dreaming of becoming like Ariel who swam with suave side by side stuffed Flounder and crabby Sebastian? Maybe you forgot that she was not entirely a human being, that she was only a half- fish...
Snorkeling in San Diego
A highly- urbanized place yet still has the luxury of having natural water destinations is a hard place to find. One of which is the second largest city in the state of California and ranks as eighth in...
Snorkeling in Grand Bahama
A glimpse of its pristine waters will make you melt. A brush of the cool waves on your skin will let you crave. A touch of its fine sands on your feet will push you to respite. All these and more define...
Snorkeling in Fiji and Have the Grandest Moments
Occupying an archipelago of 322 islands with some 522 islets, this Southern Pacific nation boasts of its world- class tourist destinations. It has shallow waters packed with exotic sea creatures and natural...

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Best Dives and Snorkeling Vacation Adventures

Accompany me as we tour the countries in search for the best dives & snorkeling adventures

Sometimes you just want more than rocks to accompany you with your snorkeling vacation adventures. And on occasion you just feel that these mute creatures could get any better than poking from time to time from their hiding place to see if you have already gone past. Just leave the old eel be and accompany me as we tour the countries in search for the best dives & snorkeling adventures.

Olowalu Turtle Reef
Maui, Hawaii

For those looking for a grand turtle adventure, this heavenly place is the place to be. I would gladly include this trip on our best dives & snorkeling adventures package. Not for the adrenaline pumping, blood curdling snorkeling action but the exact opposite instead. This turtle safe haven is a lost paradise (I’m sure our silent shelled friends here will agree) and a Turtle Preservation Spot. Hundreds of green sea turtles slowly plow their way towards its sandy shore to deliver their eggs. Silent clear water, soft and lush vegetation and even the small aquatic life native to this consider this place holy.

The famed Molokini Crater Natural Preserve can also be found in here in Maui.

Tres Marietas
Banderas Bay, Mexico

Ever ride on the backs of manta rays? Now we’re talking adrenaline. Manta rays don’t look pretty, they look disgusting. And malevolent. That’s the exact reason why we have to ride on one! Tres Marietas is a perfect addition to our best dives & snorkeling vacation adventures. Manta rays, porpoise, whales and turtles Tres Marietas is the perfect uner water Savannah.

Banderas Bay also features another awesome snorkeling spot which is the Los Arcos (translates as ‘The Arches’).

Shark Ray Alley and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Belize Barrier Reef, Belize

The Hol Chan is a natural cut in the reef, about 25-30 feet deep. A diverse amount of marine life and underwater landscape can be found here. But the reason why I included Hol Chan to our best dives & snorkeling vacations adventures flyer is the Shark-Ray Alley. A shallow cut in the reef where snorkelers will assuredly encounter sharks and stingrays. Is petting shark your fancy?

Both Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley are within Ambergris Caye, which is only a small part of the Belize Barrier Reef. Did I mention that the Belize Reef is the second largest reef?

The British Virgin Islands

In the age of sails, pirates and privateers, the seas of the Caribbean are littered with caravels, sloops, galleons and massive barges battling in the high seas for marine supremacy. Today all that remains are the skeletal structures of the once mighty fleets of destroyers. No other seas have a collection of these priceless antiques except the Caribbean. The British Virgin Islands holds the most of them. Ready your salt ridden veins and plunge with me to witness these swashbuckler ships now home to hundreds of marine species.


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