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Why Choose JBL Spearguns?

JBL spearguns have been in the market for over 24 years already. Many have already associated the brand with the tool. The mark can also be found in other underwater hunting equipment, such as polespears and spearpoints. JBL Enterprises Inc. produces all of its instruments’ components in the United States, and has a considerable share of the American speargun industry. European and other non-American spearsifishing aficionados are also well aware of JBL spearguns.

The Magnum Family of JBL Spearguns

JBL has a wide range of spearguns that could suit any underwater hunting need or activity. Its aluminum-made Magnum Series is the preferred line of many underwater hunters since it can be modified according to the water condition of the diving site. The latest speargun under this group, the Magnum XHD Series, is produced using special hardened steel and carbide inserts which makes it very durable.

The Woody Magnum Series is basically similar to its original Magnum Series cousin. However, the equipment’s body is made from strong mahogany. It’s also the line of choice for spearfishers who want a silent gun.

The Explorer and Carbine Series

The Explorer Series has an aluminum frame like the Magnum Series. However, it is more compact and less expensive than its larger counterpart. The spearguns under the Carbine Series are also smaller than those under the Magnum family. This unit is primarily intended for beginners. It is distinguishable from the other JBL spearguns since it is the only one wherein the handle is placed at the rear of the gun.

JBL Spearguns are Customizable

Every JBL speargun can be modified in order to make it suitable to any underwater condition. The gun’s barrel or muzzle can be changed, as well as its spearpoints. Extra slings could also be added. The tool can also be customized according to the skill level of the owner.

JBL Spearguns are Built to Last

JBL Spearguns are built to last. As long as it is properly cleaned and maintained, users can expect it to remain functional and effective beyond the one year warranty period.

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