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What You Need To Know About Spearguns

Spearguns are the preferred equipment of fishers who want to pursue their prey in the deep. It allows the hunter to have a hands-on approach in fishing since he has to dive in the water and look for his game instead of just casting a net and waiting for the fishes to get trapped therein. For those who feel that they’re actually the prey whenever they’re scuba diving or snorkeling, they may find it very handy and reassuring to carry a speargun.

What is it?

A speargun is a tool which facilitates the propulsion of a spear towards a target. They come in different sizes and shapes. Common to all spearguns however, is the trigger mechanism that sets the spear in place along the barrel of the tool. Its primary use is to catch fish, but many treat it as a sporting tool or a personal underwater defense equipment.

Different Types of Spearguns

Spearguns vary according to size, appearance, and use. However, they are mainly categorized according to the means or mechanism of propulsion that they use in order to shoot the spear towards the target.

Pneumatic spearguns use compressed air to spring the spear forward. It is more easy to use and accurate than those which have rubber bands for a propulsion engine. One drawback though, is its lack of power. It also requires frequent maintenance.

Band guns, as the name suggests, use strong elastic rubber hands to thrust the spear forward. It provides a more powerful shot than the pneumatic speargun. Its shots are not as accurate as that of its airspring counterpart though, but it is capable of bringing large game down, such as tunas and giant trevallies.

Depending on Your Need

Despite the fact that there are various spearguns available in the market, choosing the best one for you is not that difficult. There are different spearguns that suit every underwater need and situation. Hence, you must first determine the purpose for which the tool is going to be used before you decide to purchase it.

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