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If you’ve ever bemoaned the lack of T-shirts that express your passion for scuba diving, it’s time you check out the cool tees from Dive Junkie. (PRWEB) August 28, 2005 -- The designs found on these casual T-shirts reflect scenes and experiences close to every diver’s heart. These are depicted with humour, sometimes with a touch of seriousness, at times with some degree of nostalgia — but always with lots of heart. What you won’t find are meaningless loud t-shirts. This apparel label resulted from a month-long road trip that took two friends from Singapore to Thailand, through Malaysia. Both are divers who were dissatisfied in their careers and sought a better solution to the dreary nine-to-five regime. Along the way, a firm friendship was established, and together with it, the concept for T-shirts that divers could identify with. And so they founded Dive Junkie, and filled their drawing board with scenes they encountered during their dives. But the designs are more than just pretty pictures conjured up during a decompression stop. While some designs brought the beauty and wonders of the underwater world to the surface, others strive to bring home a serious message. An example of this is Barcode Shark, which shows a shark trapped behind a barcode strips, a statement representing the commercialisation of these majestic creatures. “We loved the idea that T-shirts can be conversational starters and ice-breakers,” said Jasmine Yeo, co-founder of Dive Junkie. She and her partner, Cavin Song, opted to concentrate on a scuba-diving theme as a start because both are avid divers. The precision with which all Dive Junkie T-shirts have been made mirror the meticulous care all divers take with their diving gear. All T-shirts have been made with 100% fully combed cotton fabric knitted from 25-singles ring-spun yarn. Weighing in at 200 gsm, they have been pre-shrunk and possess reinforced stitching at the collars, shoulders and sleeves to enhance its durability. The lycra-ribbed collars ensure that they retain their shape after numerous washes. In short, Dive Junkie T-shirts are comfy to the max and made to last. Of course, these diving-theme T-shirts can be worn by anyone, even non-divers. Cavin and Jasmine are happy to just introduce the sport of diving — or just the excitement about it — to anyone keen to experience it. Certainly anyone can possess a love for the sea; such attitudes are not reserved solely for the diver. Based in Singapore, Dive Junkie is currently expanding into other parts of the world. At present, its T-shirts are sold all over the world via its online store, and are physically sold in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

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