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Understanding The Basics Of Spearfishing

Spearfishing is both a means of livelihood and a sport. Early civilizations used long sticks with sharp points to catch fish in the rivers and in the shores. Modern fishing techniques however, have made this method cumbersome and unfeasible as far as marketing catches is concerned. Spear-throwing or shooting has since been mainly considered as a form of sport. Many fishing aficionados who want a more active or adventurous pursuit of their game are now resorting to spearfishing.

Kinds of Free-Dive Spearfishing

Free-dive spearfishing is mainly categorized according to the methods that are used and the location where the person enters and exits in the water. Shore diving has been the most popular form of free-dive spearfishing since its entry and exit points are easily accessible, such as the beaches and the headlands

Boat diving is another preferred type of free-dive spearfishing. Persons are dropped off from a ship or boat to a diving point where preys are abundant, such as off-shore reefs and pinnacles.

Those who want a more challenging pursuit should go for blue water hunting. This spearfishing method involves large fishes, such as marlins and tunas. Divers are dropped off at deep points and will be left out at sea for several hours.

Spearfishing Equipment

The main tool of the game, as the name implies, is the speargun. It comes in various shapes and sizes. All types feature a trigger mechanism that propels the spear towards the target. Rubber bands provide the propulsion for most spearguns. However, sophisticated equipment, such as pneumatic guns, uses compressed air to shoot the spear forward.

The titanium or aluminum pole spears are the modern versions of the long wooden sticks that are used in the past to catch fish. It doesn’t rely purely on muscle power though, as it also features an elastic loop which facilitates its propulsion.

Although this sport or fishing method relies heavily on the main equipment used, spearfishing involves more than just aiming and pulling the trigger. Stealth, patience, and precision are also needed in order to get a catch and in order to protect the diver from the dangers that come with the sport.

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