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Suunto Diving Watches - A Useful Diving Tool

Suunto diving watches are great underwater companions. Its dependability doesn’t only lay on its strong, waterproof architecture since it offers much more than that. There used to be a time when diving watches are solely gauged by their ability to continuously function even in considerable depths. Suunto revolutionized this by giving the user more vital diving information other than time. Underwater excursionists will greatly appreciate the benefits of having a Suunto diving watch.

Suunto Diving Watches Provides an Accurate Gauge of Vital Details

Suunto watches spare divers from having to carry numerous instruments to monitor vital diving profiles, such as depth and decompression requirement. All data are clearly illustrated in large graphical screens. For example, the cylinder pressure is presented both in numerical and graph forms. This easy-to-read format allows divers to concentrate more on their surroundings instead of the indecipherable details of their watches.

What these state-of-the-art equipment provide is precision. Before the advent of intelligent diving watches, every calculation regarding air sufficiency in the cylinder, as well as the distance and depth of the diver, is done manually. Some divers even resort to mental estimates which are very unreliable.

Showing More Than Just the Directions

The Suunto D9’s compass does more than just point where the north, east, west, and south is. This directional instrument can accurately pinpoint and guide divers to the location of their choice. It also shows one’s current bearing in degrees. These additional compass enhancements or capabilities can be life savers in case the diver gets dragged to unknown points by strong waves and currents.

Wrist PC

Suunto introduced the world’s first dive computer in 1987. It has since implemented the feature in its various lines of watches. Its D9 unit has both a digital compass and a dive PC. It also gauges cylindrical pressure wirelessly. Every data that is logged in the watch can be uploaded to a PC via USB.

Suunto diving watches have made many underwater gauges superfluous. The company has also improved those instruments as far as portability and ease of use is concerned. These innovations will now allow divers to explore the depths without having to worry too much about their location or the amount of air that they have left on their cylinder.

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