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Snorkeling and Diving Equipment Basics

Snorkeling and diving are among the most exciting activities you and your friends and family can enjoy while on an island vacation. Nothing compares to personally witnessing the colorful life underwater, swimming with a school of fish and seeing a coral reef up close. For sure one underwater adventure won’t be enough – you’ll keep asking for more! Snorkeling and scuba diving can be expensive hobbies though, as you would need equipments, gears and suits to start with. Nevertheless, snorkeling and diving are the most fulfilling water activities you can do to satisfy your love for aquatic life and anything adventurous.

Snorkeling Gear

Mask - It must be of right size and must be properly fit for you. This is to ensure that it is water-tight. Better try the mask first before buying it to ensure it fits you. Also, brush away some stray hair on your face before putting it on to ensure that water won’t find its way into the mask.

Snorkel - This lets you breathe underwater. Since we are used to breathe through our nose and not through a snorkel, you will have to practice breathing through a snorkel a lot before you can finally use it comfortably underwater. Using it more efficiently is your key to a more enjoyable snorkeling activity.

Fins – These are fin-like shoes made of rubber or plastic. You need to be comfortable and efficient in using your fins as well. The fins will help you move through water more efficiently, so they must be flexible and light. There are two kinds of swimfins, the full foot and adjustable strap. You might want to purchase the second kind of fins because it would allow you to wear booties for protection.

Diving Equipment

Among the basic diving equipments you need are weight belts, a diving suit, regulator, and buoyancy compensator vest. Weight belts and buoyancy compensator vest help you maintain and control buoyancy. They are especially helpful when you are at a constant depth or when you are lifting yourself up back to the surface.

Diving suits can be wet, semi-dry or fully dry. Choosing which of these to use depends on the water temperature. Wet suits are used in warmer waters while the dry ones are best used in cold waters.

A regulator is a very essential diving equipment as it is regulates air and carries air from the cylinder to your mouthpiece. It’s an expensive equipment so you might want to rent it first as you are still new to diving. But if you want to buy one, make sure you ask for an experts help in choosing the right product to buy.

Before Buying Snorkeling and Diving Gear…

Before you purchase your snorkeling and diving gears, make sure to shop around first. Know details like price, delivery costs, the manufacturer, the seller as well as the exact description of the product, especially if you are buying online. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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