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Smith Scuba Diving - An Unique Underwater Experience

Smith scuba diving provides a very different underwater experience for those who are used to seeing natural coral reefs and marine life whenever jumping into deep waters. While Neptune’s kingdom houses fishes, the Smith diving site used to house people. The location is actually a former town which was deliberately inundated in order to form a huge man-made lake. If you want to have a feel or an idea of what Atlantis must’ve looked like when it sank into the sea, try Smith scuba diving.

How did a 20,600-acre Lake Sprout in the Middle of Nowhere?

Virginia’s most popular lake was actually an inhabited land before 1963. The town that is now nestled below the waters had beautiful houses. It even had a magnificent church with a high steeple.

In order to address the growing demand for electricity, however, the government decided to fill the area with water by creating a dam across the path of the Blackwater and Roanoke rivers. The inundation was slow; it began on September 24, 1963, and was completed on March 7, 1966.

Smith Scuba Diving Site - Almost Natural

The water in Smith Mountain Lake is pristine. Scuba divers will have an easy time navigating through the man-made and natural barriers underneath the fresh clear water. Villages can easily be reached since they are only 60 feet below the surface, a perfect depth for scuba divers.

The average depth of the lake ranges between 100-150 feet, while its deepest point is at around 250 feet near the dam. Water temperatures are also very inviting, especially during the summer months.

Some diving resorts and services in the area offer maps of the structures that can be seen under the lake. While swimming around the area to personally look for interesting underwater spots is exciting, having a guided tour around it can also be fulfilling.

There are many fluvial activities that can be done around the lake. However, nothing can be more exciting than looking at submerged towns. If you want to have an extraordinary diving adventure, try Smith scuba diving.

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