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Mexico offers world-class diving, which is why you will find divers of all ages and all skill levels making their way to this country all year round to enjoy the warm waters, the sandy beaches, the reefs, and the amazing marine and aquatic life. For instance, one of the most spectacular places to dive in Mexico is called El Morro. Just six miles to the west of the Marietas Islands and on the edge of the Banderas Bay is El Morro. As a series of rock pinnacles that extend above the water’s surface, this place offers amazing dive opportunities.

El Morro is definitely for the more advanced diver, offering a wide array of caves with spectacular views. Because of the challenges presented, many divers will use El Morro to practice technical diving. While there, be prepared to see mantas and moray eels, along with pinnacles covered with barnacle. Other sea life commonly enjoyed around the El Morro area for divers include octopus, seahorses, dolphin, sea turtles, jacks, yellowtail, and sailfish.

Then, if you are a certified diver, you should take time to visit the waters of Corbetena. There, you will find yourself surrounded by the bluest blue in the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the magnificent caves and steep walls, this area also attracts a wide variety of sea life such as sharks, dolphin, manta rays, and turtles, commonly seen on dives. The currents are moderate in Corbetena and the depths can reach up to 120 feet but again, this is an area for experienced divers only.

You will also find Mexico has an incredible national underwater park called Los Arcos. There, you can enjoy a day dive or a two-tank night dive, which should be taken by the more advanced diver. Los Arcos, which translates to “the arches” consists of a group of granite rock formations with some amazing caves, all sculpted from the force of the ocean water over thousands of years’ time.

These natural formations are excellent for scuba diving exploration with the primary arch with a depth area of 30 to 60 feet. In addition, you will discover a shelf that will guide you to a canyon edge called the Devil’s Drop, which drops off about 1,600 feet. The wall itself is the start of the continental platform. In addition, this particular canyon and the mountain range under the water known as El Bajo are the home to rich marine life, making this a magical experience for divers.

Mexico offers some of the most colorful, diverse and exciting diving you will find. In fact, if you vacation around Puerto Vallarta, people as young as 10 years of age can dive in an introductory program that is fun and safe. With this, children can enjoy a two-hour class that teaches them in-pool diving skills that prepares them for open diving at Las Caletas or the Marietas Islands.

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