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Scuba Diving the Ancient Cypress Waters

Cyprus is a beautiful place to dive where you will find shipwreck diving for both ancient and modern wrecks, caves, tunnels, and more. In addition, there is a unique variety of marine life to include squirrelfish, bream, wrasse, parrotfish, cardinal fish, mullet, grouper, damsels, sponges, and octopus. Other underwater creatures that you might encounter include tuna, barracuda, and sea turtles.

If you are a less experienced diver, you will find a number of skilled outfitters that have highly trained instructors who can work with you, many offering half or full day programs to help you get started in the world of scuba diving. If you are a qualified diver, you will need to bring proof of qualification and your diver’s log with you although typically, dive permits in Cyprus are not required. However, you will need evidence of a suitably qualified dive buddy when open diving along in most cases. Without doubt, you will be thrilled by all the opportunity in Cyprus. To get started, we have provided you with some of the more popular dive sites to consider.

Zenobia – Just 10 minutes from Larnaca, you will discover a 10,000-ton ferry measuring 584 feet long at a depth of 52 feet at the top of the wreck to 141 feet at the seabed. The visibility in this area is generally around 60 to 65 feet and this site is rated high. This roll-on-roll ferry was making a maiden voyage from Sweden to Syria when it sank due to steering problems. Although the Captain wanted to have the ferry pulled into the harbor where it could be worked on, permission was never granted. For two days, the ferry sank where it remains today, a diver’s haven.

Achileas Wreck – Resting at 36 feet, this wreck is perfect for all level divers. This Greek vessel mysteriously exploded and sank in 1975. The ship has three main sections that can be penetrated with the favorite being the bronze propeller located on the upturned stern. However, you will also discover a number of portholes still in place although they cannot be removed.

Amphorae Caves – At 39 feet deep, these caves are also great for all divers. In fact, as you venture below the water’s surface, you will discover a number of caves to include one with an amphorae encrusted roof. This particular cave was investigated by American archaeologists that believe this was created by movements in the seabed over the past 2,000 years.

Bay of Caves – At just 29 feet down, this area is located close to Pistol Bay with a sheltered access down a cliff. The site offers several great caverns and wonderful aquatic life.

Bubbles – Also at 29 feet below the water is a place with a rock bottom seabed that has large holes in the floor that lead to a series of interconnecting caves and overhangs, great for divers who love exploration. The name comes from the fact that diver’s air filter creates bubbles through rocks. In addition, the marine life is magnificent in this dive site.

Cynthiana – Near Kissonerga village, this 32-foot deep site offers wonderful small holes, overhangs, and gullies for exploration opportunities. With this being an easy dive, it is a great site for beginners.

Janchor Reef – This dive is simply entrancing with depth between 85 and 114 feet. You will discover several caves with octopus and moray swimming around. What makes this so incredible is that the water is so clear, you can easily see the bottom of the dive boat from the bottom of the ocean’s floor.

Lighthouse Wreck – Just 19 feet deep, this is yet another great beginner site. Below is the Ektimon, a 5,000-ton Greek freighter that ran aground in 1971. Although broken up from heavy storms, it is still an interesting dive.

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