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Reef Diving - The Ultimate Underwater Experience

Reef diving is an ultimate underwater experience for professional and recreational divers, conservationists and environmentalists, and marine biologists. Exploring coral reefs is not only recreational but also educational as it lets you witness the beauty of various coral reef formations and learn of the rich underwater biodiversity these reefs support. There are various sorts of marine species surrounding corral reefs and altogether they make such a wonderful sight. For every diver, a reef diving experience is an ultimate dream.

World’s Best Reef Diving Spots

Coral reefs grow in tropical seas. There are about 284,300 square kilometers of coral reefs around the world. Largest part of these reef formations covers the Indo-Pacific region, particularly Southeast Asia so if you are seeking for the best reef scuba diving spot, you can most likely find it in this region.

The world’s most famous coral reef is The Great Barrier Reef in Coral Sea in Queensland, Australia. This reef is composed of 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands, making it the largest in the world.

Next to the Great Barrier Reef in size is the Barrier Reef of Roatán. It is located in Honduras in Central America. Another famous reef area is the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt.

Great Barrier Reef Tours

Great Barrier Reef is considered as one of the most wonderful coral reefs and thus a lot of tour companies offer tour packages, cruises and dive trips headed towards this grand reef area. If you want to save on you next diving adventure, you can avail of this tour package. You can go alone, with friends, co-workers or with your family. Through these tour packages, you will not only get a chance to dive at one of the world’s best diving destinations but also enjoy other exciting water activities and meet different people who share with you the same passion for diving and the colorful marine life.

Reef Diving for a Cause

Coral reefs provide shelter to thousands of plant and animal species underwater; however, sad to say many are endangered because of reckless human activities such as dynamite fishing and throwing garbage into the ocean. A lot of divers’ associations and environmentalists go reef diving for the purpose of restoring and protecting these magnificent coral formations. Some scuba diving events in reef areas are conducted to raise funds for the protection coral reefs, especially the endangered ones. You might want to participate in one of these activities and make your next diving vacation not just another adventurous underwater experience but beneficial, too.

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