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Pneumatic Spearguns For Precision

Pneumatic spearguns have been the weapon of choice for many divers and underwater hunters because of the precision it gives to every shot. It is more convenient to use than the sling-powered guns since all the user has to do is reload it. Everything is automatic, and the hunter is spared from making too many adjustments. However, there are some spearfishing aficionados who are quite apprehensive in relying too much on pneumatic spearguns.

Pneumatic Speargun Woes

The pneumatic speargun’s popularity was at its peak a few decades ago. Spearfishers then were relishing the fact that they can shoot spears without using tough elastic rubber bands. However, their amazement soon turned into frustration. The old pneumatic engines were hard to maintain, and the gaskets inside the unit were prone to leak. Hunters were also unhappy with the noise that it makes whenever it blows the spear forward. The mechanism did not produce enough power to make long range shots, too.


Recent improvements and innovations in pneumatic designs have enabled air-powered spearguns to catch up with its sling-propelled counterpart. The latest pneumatic spearguns, especially those which have 7mm shafts, now allow longer shots. Sling guns still outperform the pneumatic units in this category. However, the latter still maintain its edge in terms of precision.

Pneumatic guns still require frequent maintenance, but it is now more durable and less prone to damage. It can immediately fire shots one after the other in rapid succession without any need of recharging. New units have also addressed the noise problem that its predecessors had.

While some people still maintain that pneumatic spearguns are not built or intended as an all-occasion underwater weapon, recent developments in airspring design have already made it very versatile. While it may not be as powerful as the sling-propelled models, it has some features which one may find very useful regardless of his underwater needs or activities.

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