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Many people dream of scuba diving on their exotic vacations, but are afraid that if they learn to dive, they will end up wasting a lot of their vacation time and money on one activity. The truth is, there are diving courses and schools all over the world, and it is possible to begin your learn to dive course in your native country and to complete it while you are on vacation. Or better yet, you can learn to dive before you go on vacation and earn a diving passport that will enable you to scuba dive anywhere in the world. So before you go on vacation, look into your options carefully if you want to learn to dive.
When you learn to dive, you will be taught basic mechanics in a swimming pool. This might seem simplistic, but even the best swimmers need to learn special techniques for movement when they learn to dive, since mechanics are not the same as those used with regular swimming, especially since divers have equipment to deal with as well. The beginning course also teaches the prospective diver equipment use and maintenance. This is the most intimidating aspect for those who want to learn to dive, but once you get the understand how to handle your equipment, you can begin to dive with confidence.
Of course, safety is an important component of your course as you learn to dive, and the buddy system is essential, even for seasoned divers. Other concepts taught in beginning and intermediate courses include:
* Buddy diving
* Human life support
* Gases under pressure
* Ocean diving
* Rescue skills
Most beginning courses will teach you dive theory, which might include some classroom as well as pool work, and open water dive skills. You will learn to dive through handbooks and videos, not just underwater, but many of these materials can be studied at home to maximize the amount of time students spend in the water.
Some schools place restrictions on whom they will accept for their learn to dive programs. Most places have a minimum age, but this is rather young, usually around twelve. For those who have medical conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, their might be certain restrictions, unless a doctor approves the course for the patient. Some schools will require you to take a medical exam, and others will allow anyone to begin the course if they seem to be in good general health.
Many scuba dive schools offer refresher courses; anyone who wants to learn to dive and to continue diving as a hobby will need to take a refresher course if they do not perform a dive every six months; diving passports expire if too much time has passed between dives. Some students who learn to dive at certain schools will want to continue and take more advanced courses, such as open water and ocean diving. Some will want to quit their dull 9 to 5 grind and become full-time scuba diving instructors. It is a great job for those who like to be in the water and to travel to exotic places. However, given the safety considerations, certification for scuba dive instructors is usually quite rigorous, and many would rather simply learn to dive than to contemplate a career in scuba diving.
Whether you want to learn to dive or need to take a refresher course, it is not difficult to find a course available within a reasonable distance. Soon after you learn to dive, you will want to try out your skills on an exotic vacation in the tropics or elsewhere.

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