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How to Snorkel - A Beginners Guide

How to snorkel without panic and confusion is the concern of every snorkeler, both beginners and experts alike. The sea can be a very daunting activity partner if you’re not accustomed to it. While modern equipment has made underwater adventures easy and convenient, improper use might render them useless. In order to ensure that your underwater activity is trouble-free, try to observe the following pointers on how to snorkel.

How to Snorkel Tip #1: Practice

You can’t expect to snorkel like a pro on your first swim. Chances are, you’ll be encountering a number of difficulties on your first few tries. These inconveniences can be reduced or minimized through training. Practice floating first with all your snorkeling gears on. If you already feel comfortable with them, start moving around the pool or in the shallow areas of the sea.

How to Snorkel Tip #2: Prepare for Likely Troubles

One of the reasons why persons lose their composure while snorkeling is because water sometimes makes it way through their equipment. An inexperienced snorkeler would definitely panic if his sight and breathing is obstructed while in the middle of the deep blue sea. It is important, then, to simulate this situation in a controlled environment in order to orient the person on what to do. Try deliberately flooding your mask and/or snorkel in order to accustom yourself with the situation.

How to Snorkel Tip #3: The Fins

Your movement would largely depend on your leg power, aided by fins. The way you kick will largely determine whether you’ll be fast or a laggard in the water. When moving your legs for propulsion, try not to stiffen them. Make it a point to relax your knees and ankles so that cramps would be prevented. Do not kick or move your legs the way you do when you pedal a bicycle. Flutter kick slowly and gracefully. You don’t need too much power in order to move underwater

How to Snorkel Tip #4: Know Your Limitations

Not all persons can master everything that has to be learned in snorkeling. Even experienced ones have weaknesses. If you can’t fully conquer your limitations, then at least try to be aware of them. Always keep the basics in mind whenever you’re in the water even if you’ve already got the hang of the activity. You’ll find it very helpful to frequently take note of the essential pointers on how to snorkel.

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