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How Scuba Diving Tanks Work

A scuba diving tank is an apparatus where high pressure breathing gas is stored. The term is actually slang since divers properly call it a diving cylinder. It is primarily known as an essential diving equipment that allows divers to stay underwater for long periods by providing them with a steady supply of oxygen. However, its value actually transcends the depths. It is used above water as a component of a storage facility for diving air compression stations. Persons suffering from hypoxia and myocardial infraction can also be treated by delivering oxygen to the patient through scuba diving tanks.

Parts of a Scuba Diving Tank – The Pressure Vessel

The main component of a scuba diving tank is the pressure vessel. This is the tank or container where high pressure gases are stored. It is usually maid of aluminum or forged steel. Diving resorts commonly use an aluminum cylinder that can store up to 80 cu. ft. of gas.

Both steel and aluminum cylinders are reliable and suitable for underwater use. However, it has an effect on buoyancy. Aluminum tanks are lighter than the steel ones. A lighter pressure vessel is more advantageous for divers who carry a number of heavy equipment. On the other hand, those who are wearing highly buoyant suits may want to use steel tanks in order to maintain a good balance underwater.

Other Parts

The pillar valve provides a bridge between the pressure vessel and the diving regulator. Its main function is to regulate the flow of gas to and from the cylinder. Rubber or halocarbon rings creates a seal between the metal of the diving regulator to that of the pillar valve’s.

Choose Wisely

Scuba diving tanks vary in size, capacity, and use. They can be very expensive, so make sure that you have already considered all relevant factors regarding the purpose for which you are going to use the cylinders. Rentals abound in almost all diving sites and can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, it would be wiser and more cost effective to purchase one if you’re going to the scuba diving tanks frequently and for a long period.

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