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How Diving Computers Work

A diving computer or decompression meter is increasingly becoming an essential diving equipment you might not want to miss to include in your list of things to buy the next time you shop for your diving gears, equipment and accessories. It’s a very handy and useful device that provides you important pieces of information including decompression time, and the depth and time of a dive. Your tissue nitrogen uptake and elimination is also be calculated by a diving computer.

Diving Computer Prevents Diving Hazards

A dive computer does not simply calculate and display dive time, depth, ascent rate and other kinds of data, but it helps you prevent decompression sickness through these valuable pieces of information. Decompression sickness is a set of symptoms caused by bubbles forming in the tissues of a diver during or after a rapid ascent from a dive. This can lead to numbness and paralysis and even death.

Buying a reliable dive computer is therefore a wise investment especially if you plan to make scuba diving a life-long hobby. It does not only make your diving experience safer but more enjoyable as well as it allows you to maximize and extend your bottom time.

Shopping for a Diving Computer

There’s a great variety of dive computers available in the market. Among the popular makers of dive computers are Suunto, Oceanic, Scubapro and Uwatec. Like other electronic gadgets, dive computers vary in price and features. Your choices range from simple to feature-laden and stylish dive computers.

Diving computers have different dive modes like Air, Nitrox, Bottom Time, Gauge and Free-Dive modes. They also have digital compass, calendar functions, alarm clock, stopwatch and complete watch functions. Some feature wireless transmission and USB compatible PC interface.

It would be best to read reviews of these computers first before you choose to buy a certain brand or model. While the style matters, you have to be particular with its reliability and functionality. It is not enough though to buy a reliable and high quality dive computer, you have to thoroughly understand its functionality so that you can make full use of its best features and consequently, maximize your safety.

Traveling with a Diving Computer

If you’re set to explore an exotic out-of-the-country diving vacation destination, make sure to carefully pack your diving computer before you board the plane. During a flight, changes in pressure may cause it to beep annoyingly so securely keep it in a place, a box for example, where it won’t be accidentally activated. Make your scuba diving vacation truly a great experience, start it with safe and worry-free trip!

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