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Becoming A Diving Instructor

The first step to becoming a professional diving instructor is to finish a dive instructor training program. If you are passionate about diving, why not make it your career? Life of a professional diver and instructor is always exciting. You get to go to splendid diving destinations, you meet different people, and most of all, you inspire new divers, young and old alike, to explore the magnificent and vibrant life underwater. Being a diving instructor is more than just an occupation, it is a profession, a mission and a recreation all in one.

Getting Started

The first thing you have to do is to look for a diving school that specially offers training programs for someone who wants to become a dive instructor. You can ask friends who are divers and instructors themselves for suggestions and recommendations or you can research online, read diving magazines and newsletters.

In choosing the training center or the diving school, be particular about the school’s facilities, the diving courses, the instructors, the length of the training, the training methods, and internships among others.

What’s In The Training Program?

Dive instructor training program usually cover diving lessons from basic to advanced diving so don’t worry if you have never dived before. You can start from the basics and go the next level when you’re ready. Aside from the diving lessons, you will be taught how to teach scuba diving in different environments—in a classroom, in confined water and in open water. You would also be thought how to use different instructional materials such as manuals, instructional videos and the like.

Once you have finished the program, you will be given certification. There are some training centers that include internship in the Program while there are some that offer it only as an option. During the internship, you will be provided with new diving equipments and accessories, which you can use to start your new career as an instructor. What’s great about internships is that they are usually done in other countries so you get a chance to visit exotic dive sites and practice scuba diving and teaching beginners at the same time.

It’s Never Too Late… Be a Diving Instructor!

Everyone can be a diving instructor, young and old. If you find yourself bored of working in the office for a long time now, you can always make a career shift and devote your time doing something that you are passionate about – scuba diving. You surely can enjoy diving and earn a living at the same time by becoming an instructor. If you are nearing your retirement age, don’t worry. As long as you’re fit and enthusiastic to teach scuba diving, you’re on the right track! Enroll in the training program and be a professional dive instructor.

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