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All About Scuba Diving Magazines

A scuba diving magazine has something for every diving enthusiast, professional or not. It covers everything from the most popular and exotic diving destinations or diving sites, news on latest or upcoming diving events, tips and guide to better and safer diving adventures—both for new and experienced divers, reviews on different diving gears and accessories and a whole lot more. It’s not only informative but entertaining as well. A scuba diving magazine is definitely every diver’s friendly guide to the colorful world of diving.

Diving Mags for Club Members

Members of professional diver’s associations, recreational divers’ club and other diving organizations usually get a free copy of diving magazines regularly. It is part of their membership package. It is a way to keep them informed of the latest about the organization they belong to and about the diving world as a whole.

These magazines also feature articles on maintaining good health of divers, news and features about preservation of marine life, technical reviews about the newest equipments, detailed travel guides and the best diving training centers. Anything that interests a diver is featured in these magazines.

Is Subscription Equal to Savings?

Hobbyists who simply love diving but are not members of any organization may need to subscribe to diving magazines and pay a subscription fee if they want to get a copy of a magazine regularly. Like all other kinds of magazines, diving mag subscriptions are highly discounted. One popular magazine, which has a cover price of $45, for example, can be purchased for only around $1.50 per issue if the reader avails of a one-year subscription. That translates to more than 60% savings!

Subscription is really a great way to save; moreover, it saves you time going out looking for the latest issue of your favorite mag. Magazine subscriptions also come with some perks like a free diving book, collection items or gift items, accessories that may interest you as a diver. If you purchase a magazine only once or twice a year though and are uninterested in those freebies, it’s better to buy one from the newsstand.

Scuba Diving Magazine Gift Card

Diving magazines aren’t simply for diving enthusiasts. It’s a great resource of information for someone who has not yet experienced scuba diving and for anyone interested in aquatic life, underwater photography and videography. Moreover, it can also be purchased as a gift to someone who is passionate about diving or interested in it. If you have a friend who is into diving, you may purchase a scuba diving magazine gift card and give it to him as a present. For sure, it will be a greatly appreciated.

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