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All About Mares Spearguns

Mares spearguns are well known in the spearfishing community. They vary in size and range, with most of them having a pneumatic engine to propel the spear towards the target. The Mares product line is mainly divided into the Cyrano and Sten series. Each speargun family caters to different needs and situations. However, comfort, efficiency, and ease of use are the three common characteristics of all Mares spearguns.

Mares Spearguns - The Cyrano Series

The units under the Cyrano line carry almost the same features, differing only in size and design. Its efficiency lies in the fusion of its powerful pneumatic engine with new handling and tremendous shaft speed. Both the inner barrel (11mm) and the spring steel shaft (7mm) are leanly designed. The former greatly enhances the speargun’s efficiency, while the latter reaches extreme velocity which enables the user to hit his target before it could even move.

Shots made using the Cyrano spearguns are highly accurate since the shaft is driven through the whole length of the barrel from the back. The bands are guaranteed to remain strong and elastic over time, while the pneumatic mechanism maintains its efficiency long after its first use. Users of the pneumatic Cyrano guns are also assured that they do not have to recharge between shots, and that it can immediately be made to fire another shot after the previous one.

Mares Spearguns - The Sten Series

The Sten series is more popular than its Cyrano cousin because of its precision. Many spearfishing enthusiasts have guns under this line because it is highly durable and since it efficiently pairs power with accuracy. The Sten line is composed of the Medi and the Mini guns. Both types carry almost the same features. However, the Medi Sten is 12 cm. longer than the Mini Sten. The shots that the former make are also 30% more powerful than its smaller counterpart.

Both Mares speargun series carry impressive features that guarantee users power, precision, and accuracy. Big fish hunters may prefer the bigger units, while those who hunt for smaller ones may opt for a more handy but accurate unit. The choice should depend upon the purpose for which it is going to be used.

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