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Acquiring Scuba Diving Sponsorships Can Now Easily be Achieved with the Scuba Diving Sponsorship Proposal

Scuba diving sponsorship is often very difficult to attain for those who lack fundamental acting sponsorship marketing skills. Anyone can learn the necessary marketing skills to get the sponsorship funding and equipment they need for acting sponsorships. (PRWEB) September 22, 2005 -- The website - - is helping anyone attain scuba diving sponsorships with the scuba diving sponsorship proposal. Targeting qualified sponsor prospects has never been easier with pre-formatted scuba diving sponsorship proposals. “Scuba diving sponsorship is very difficult to attain especially if you are an up-and-coming person looking for sponsorship. The scuba diving sponsorship proposal is new for 2005 and can easily help anyone get scuba diving sponsorships. Just fill out, print, and submit!” – Taylor Dawne, President, customers are getting local and corporate scuba diving sponsorships for 2005 and beyond. is offering you a pre-packaged scuba diving sponsorship proposal kit that can get you cash and equipment. Sponsorship in North America is projected to reach over 10 Billion dollars in 2005. shows you how to get financed and equipped through previously used scuba diving sponsorship proposals and hard to find scuba diving sponsor contact information. has yet to have one of their customer's seek scuba diving sponsorship and fail. The Sponsorship Secrets information package is a comprehensive report that is easy to follow and will help you get started immediately. You don't need to be a marketing genius to use their "user friendly" scuba diving sponsorship package. Below are the table of contents of the scuba diving sponsorship information package: • Valuable contact information for the top 60 US corporations actively seeking scuba diving sponsorships • Pre-written sponsorship proposals, letters, and forms to submit to potential scuba diving sponsors – just fill in and print! • Important factors to remember about scuba diving sponsorships • Our copyrighted Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Associate scuba diving sponsorship plans • How to explain to a sponsor what the purposes are of sponsoring you • What is the role of sponsorship in a businesses marketing mix? • How to achieve national and international exposure for your sponsor • How to achieve local exposure for your sponsor • How to get free media attention and keep good relations for future coverage • How sponsorships can achieve brand name and corporate objectives • How to get your event selected by a potential sponsor • How to implement your specific scuba diving sponsorship project • Some Does and Don'ts of scuba diving sponsorship • Matching the sponsored scuba diving event to the objectives of the sponsor • How to achieve image transfer at your event • How to achieve name sponsorship name links for next to nothing • How to get your sponsor to consider backing a loser • How to determine the type and size of the sponsorship audience you want to reach • How to attract the media to your sponsored event/competition • How to design an evaluation system that suits your sponsors needs • Determine whether the sponsor’s sales will be affected • Common responses to scuba diving sponsorship proposals • How to show the advantages of your sport to potential sponsors • How to get a sponsor to support a grass-roots level competitor or team • How to use contracts to guarantee your scuba diving sponsorships • Secrets to getting your sponsors signage exposed at televised scuba diving events • How to attract the interest of journalists through press releases - printable examples • Sample press release you can print and use - press release checklist • Five killer tips for writing a successful press release • How to get on the radio for free and use it to generate more scuba diving sponsorships and publicity • How to gain scuba diving sponsorships through sponsorship agencies • How to find a potential sponsor and sell your project • How to persuade a potential sponsor why your scuba diving sponsorship is a worthy investment • Alternatives to allocating sponsorship funds and how to increase your sponsorship rate in the process • How to identify the marketable aspects of your scuba diving sponsorship to a potential sponsor • How to prepare and organize a marketing campaign for your scuba diving sponsorship • How to organize a proposal for a potential sponsor • Alternative methods to acquiring scuba diving sponsorship funding • How to prepare for a meeting with a potential scuba diving sponsor • How to get your scuba diving sponsors to renew their contracts Company Information – – publishes sponsorship proposal packages for nearly every type of sport, competition, talent, and event. Inc. is a privately held company that also engages in sponsorship consulting for celebrity athletes and corporate events. For more information please visit Contact Taylor Dawne President 1-800-Sponsor (800-776-6767)

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